I find Yehlin Lee’s book “RAW SOUL” very exquisite and full of fine meaning. Every selected photograph is self-sufficient, but gathered in a book the pictures gain their own rhythm and flow. Stfraight from the first page you set your foot on a path paved by the author. Yehlin Lee lures us into his game, inviting us to discover similarities between neighboring photographs. Semantic associations are sometimes followed by visual ones. The book keeps you in such a poetic tension that you want to contemplate it again and again.

— Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum Photographer

Published by AKAAKA,  Dec 2017
Hard Cover
118 pages, 76 color plates
258 x 260 x 18 mm
A complex work, attractively presented – highly recommended!

— Gerhard Clausing, The PhotoBook Journal


Between 2011 and 2017, after an unsuccessful career as a sound artist, I try to reconnect myself with my homeland, Taiwan, with a camera. I didn’t know what kinds of photos to take. And yet, what attracts me is a certain suppressed force of life, a spiritual intensity behind people, things, and landscapes.

My way of looking is deeply influenced by my past experience in listening – unconditional acceptance. Like a submarine, I try to feel without bearing any intention and dive into a collective consciousness of Taiwanese as well as mine. When sound is heard from within, I click the shutter.


Review by Gerhard Clausing, The PhotoBook Journal

「李岳凌的《Raw Soul》是本絕妙的攝影書,充滿幽微之意。書中所選的每張照片,如看單張即已獨自成立;集結成書後,更彰顯其內在節奏的流動。自第一頁起,你已然踏上作者精心安排的密徑。他誘惑我們進入他的遊戲,邀請我們發現鄰近影像的相似性。語意聯想與視覺關係間或交錯,沉浸在如此的詩意張力裡,不禁讓人低迴再三,反覆玩味。」
—  Gueorgui Pinkhassov, 馬格南攝影師

118 頁 精裝
76 張彩色照片
258 x 260 x 18 mm


《Raw Soul》是台灣創作者李岳凌的首本攝影集,集結自2011至2017年間,在台灣城市邊緣,夜幕低垂時分所拍攝的作品。本書迥異於一般攝影作品中對紀實性、觀念性、亦或美感上的追求。在作者獨到眼光下,台灣的人、物、景化為一張張難解的謎題。照片的排列充滿巧思與暗示,在具象與抽象間的意象堆疊,創造出如樂曲的節奏與流動,如符咒般召喚著讀者的情緒。

李岳凌 1976 生於台灣台北。自2001年起投身聲音藝術創作,2011年開始自學攝影。他將攝影視為趨近自我原始感知的練習,去意識到原有的慣性觀看方法,並試圖超越之。他的攝影與聲音作品,曾在歐洲、北美、日本及台灣展演。首本攝影集《Raw Soul》 於2017年由日本出版社「赤々舎」出版。