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Published by AKAAKA,  Dec 2017 Hard Cover 118 pages, 76 color plates 258 x 260 x 18 mm


“Every photograph is self-sufficient, but gathered in a book the pictures gain their own rhythm and flow… such a poetic tension that you want to contemplate it again and again.” - Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum Photographer

— Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum Photographer


A complex work, attractively presented – highly recommended!

— Gerhard Clausing, The PhotoBook Journal


“Raw Soul” is a personal meditation on my home island, Taiwan, shot between 2011 and 2017.

Once dubbed ‘Ilha Formosa,” the beautiful island, Taiwan is now a chaotic urban sprawl, making that nostalgic perspective seem ironic. Beneath its modern façades lies a body of folk religions deeply embedded in daily life. Shrines are everywhere. Rituals set the clock for people’s lives. This somehow reflects the island’s history of oppression. People of different cultures have come and gone—their memories obliterated or blending with others, the fears and desires of generations inscribed in the folk beliefs.

In 2011, I returned to Taiwan after an unfulfilling career as a sound artist abroad. Feeling unfamiliar and alienated, I found myself wandering corners of the city, mostly after nightfall, uncertain about what sorts of photos I wanted to take. Yet, what attracted me was the spiritual intensity of the people, things, and landscapes as well as its suppression.

In my creative process over the years, I learned first how to listen and then how to look. The difference between these sensory modalities is that looking is more constrained by intention. We see what we want and follow that which is visible. But one cannot escape listening; all one can do is unconditionally accept whatever sounds arrive. The difference between the two modalities is like that between a spotlight and a sonar.

This mindset continues to influence my way of looking. Like a submarine, I wait for my inner background noise to settle. To simply feel without any intention. To open my consciousness to the unexpected. To remain silent and dive within, beyond the collective consciousness of the Taiwanese. The essence of Taiwanese character, unknown to us, may reside in this chaos and confusion.

I savour this confusion in the dark. When sound is heard from within, I click the shutter.



「李岳凌的《Raw Soul》是本絕妙的攝影書,充滿幽微之意。書中所選的每張照片,如看單張即已獨自成立;集結成書後,更彰顯其內在節奏的流動。自第一頁起,你已然踏上作者精心安排的密徑。他誘惑我們進入他的遊戲,邀請我們發現鄰近影像的相似性。語意聯想與視覺關係間或交錯,沉浸在如此的詩意張力裡,不禁讓人低迴再三,反覆玩味。」

— Gueorgui Pinkhassov, 馬格南攝影師

118 頁 精裝
76 張彩色照片
258 x 260 x 18 mm




這些看似無物卻感覺有物,雖是半死也是半生的生命處境,每每讓我感到迷惑,究竟那是世界的意義自顯,還是我自己由內向外的投射? 我保持靜默,等待心中背景雜音散去,不帶意圖去感受世界,試圖潛航至台灣人的集體意識邊界 。那未知的台灣性,即可能蘊藏在混亂與困惑之中。




 疎まれ、抑圧された名もなき“過渡地帯”に、私は惹かれる。発展を遂げた都市の周縁は、日没を境に、シーンが入れ替わり、様相を変える。混沌とした人、物、光景の後ろに潜む、神聖と世俗、希望と失意、 衰亡と興隆……幾多のエネルギーが、いがみ合うことで、均衡を持ち堪えているようだ。